Its your Destiny

There will be times in life, where your destiny will cause a sever in the relationship you have with your family, friends, or any other individuals who doesn't have your vision. And its nothing that they did per say, it's just that elevation, oftentimes require separation. Most successful people are loners, or not seen, partaking in the usual day-to-day activities. Furthermore, those who believe in their dreams, don't have time to parlay in life because, they are putting it all on the line for that one dream, because there is no plan b.

Take Joseph for example, he was a dreamer. His destiny was revealed to him in dreams, and visions, at an early age. What was your dream at an early age, that no one could take away from you? Before life took away your desires, what did you want to be? What happened to your childlike faith that made you believe anything was possible? The possible answer to those questions is this; you allowed others, and life, to determine what you did, and didn't do. You allowed others to take the seed that was planted in your heart, by God, to be uprooted and replaced with personal plans, or goals, that were never yours.

Maybe you shared your dreams with someone, and they took it offensively, to the degree, that they would do anything to stop you. Joseph shared his dream with his brothers, and while he shared it with them, I believe jealousy took over their hearts, to the degree, that they contemplated his death, and threw him in a pit to die(be careful who you share your dreams with). But the hardship didn't stop him, it did however reposition him on the road to his destiny, so never look at hardship as a punishment, but more so as a realignment. Once he arrived to his place in life, not only did it exceed his expectations, but it allowed him to take care of those who attempted to murder him, and his dreams.

So chase your dreams fervently, with an undeniable passion, and never let anyone take them from you. The worse thing you can do, is to not do the things your were designed to do in life, by God.

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