The Power of The Mind

The mind, is the most powerful weapon you will ever be in possession of, in your entire life. In the mind, both spiritual, and physical(mental)battles are won, and lost, so if you lose control of the mind, you lose control of your life.

In the beginning was the world. Before there was ever a world, there was a thought. And before God spoke one ounce of life into this planet, or into Adam, he thought it through methodically. You see, when you have the mind of Christ, then God will be began to deposit the things He wants you to speak into your dreams, visions, and thoughts, so that you can speak them into existence in the present. Also, it's important to constantly cover your thoughts with the word of God. The Bible says as a man thinks, so is he. So it's imperative that you renew your mind daily, by reading the word of god. Meditate on the promises of God for your life and watch them manifest themselves into your life.

So after God gives you these thoughts, dreams, and visions, then what? The answer is write them down. You have a phone? Text, or email it to yourself, so you can access it easily. Put it on sticky notes. Send yourself daily reminders! Whatever it takes to have it available, do it. The Bible says that the people will perish if they don't have a vision. It also says that we are to write the vision and make it plain. So you need to have a vision or life will continue to pass you by. Furthermore, have it broken down in simplicity form. Those ideas, concepts, dreams, etc., could catapult you to financial freedom, but how would you remember them? Write them down!

Finally, after you have written them down, speak life into them with the promises God wrote in the word. Cover everything with scriptures, and when you have done that, speak nothing but positivity concerning them! You may not see it today, but have your expectations set to receive it. You may not see it next month, but believe it's coming. What you have to know is this; the mind, and tongue work hand in hand. You can't speak positive things, and think negative, because the two cancel each other out.

The mind will believe what you speak constantly, and if were me, I would speak life and the word of God!

Think, speak, receive!


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