What are you afraid of?

Updated: Sep 10, 2018

Let's be honest with ourselves for a moment. If we listened to the opinions others had for our lives, we would live in a world where we all looked the same, acted the same, and thought the same, yet we don't. We live in a world where you are given the choice to make your own decisions, lead your own life, and be who you want to be, to the best of your ability.

You see opinions were established to derail your destiny and discourage your faith. Once you allow(or subject yourself to)what others feel you should be doing, where you should be, and who you should be, your vision becomes obscured. Take Jesus for example(Matthew 13:54-58), when they began to question his wisdom, his lineage, and who gave him the authority to do the miraculous. At that moment, he could have stopped and questioned his own authority, he could have stopped and questioned his abilities, and he could have allowed what he was born into to stop him, but he didn't. He removed himself from the naysayers and the doubters. He didn't allow their perspective to determine what he was assured of. In fact, he removed himself from them and didn't do any miraculous acts to persuade them because they were full of doubt, not him. Often times the best solution to those who doubt your gifts, callings, and abilities is to remove yourself from around them, and continue steadfast on the path that was chosen for you.

You don't have to prove a point. You don't have to always explain. But you have to do what you were chosen to do, because no one else can do it like you.....and just like yesterday's, everyone has an opinion ,it's just up to you to decide what you do with them.

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